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The elephant tattoo symbolizes “Royal Power”. Power of the huge animal can destroy anything and everything within a minute. A person who inks the elephant on skin indeed brings the power to rule others. Since the Historical Era, elephants have been used by Kings to support in war fields and for structure the buildings. The elephant can load more weight in comparison to other creatures in the animal kingdom.

The four-legged creature represents intelligence, positive attitude and power etc.

Know the meaning of elephant tattoo designs?

The species of Elephant has been worshipping in almost all religions for the animal’s power characteristics. The power & strength of the elephant is recognized by a famous personality’s world.

Do you know which animal structure is chosen by Napoleon Bonaparte to be established in his monument?

The answer is none other than gigantic animal species “The Elephant”. He picked the colossal bronze structure to be built on his monument. This is because the whole world has to know that Napoleon Bonaparte is compared with the Elephant in strength. An elephant is an election symbol for the major parties in the United States of America. The 4-legged gigantic creature is taken to a supreme level. Hindu people worship the elephant as one of the protective gods. It is to be understood that people view animal creation as more than the animal.

Simple elephant tattoo designs for men

Strength is strongly associated with masculinity. Men want to show masculine power in a variety of modes. Inking the elephant picture on leg, hand or in any other parts is considered as the best way. So many tattoo designs are available in the animal kingdom. Tattooing the friendliest animal brings a lot of power and enhancement to your body. Colorful patterning art of an elephant suits your needs in getting tattooing illustration.

Superb realistic elephant tattoo for men

True to say the fact that wearing elephant tattoo images with the whole image bring luck to you with enough perfect strength. Both masculine and female genders are engaging in tattooing attractive posture of the gigantic creature to stay away from physical obstacles. People in Asian and African regions have to see the elephant as the representation of beauty and life.

May I know what the cost small elephant tattoo drawing is?

  • $80 is the average rate to get the small tattoo design
  • The price will vary as per the size, tattoo patterns and tattooist popularity
  • Don’t yourself underestimate tattoo drawing especially elephant posture comes at low rates
  • Big-Sized elephant tattoo comes at a higher price only

Elephant tattoo images with flowers

Since the early days, people used to tame them for long-distance trade. Now also elephants are useful to load heavy things. Elephant art in the skin is mainly used to express the wearers’ family bonds and commitment. In olden days, ministers and soldiers adored the elephant ink on body and express their loyalty to kings. People prefer small to big elephants to express their love & respect towards their partners in the present cultural world.

Give energetic blow with simplistic elephant

Some of the elephant tattoos are chosen by continental people for unique patterns like

  • Traditional elephant with tribal design
  • Baby elephant with trunk up for girls
  • Elephant playing keyboard tattoo
  • Red-colored flower with black backgrounded elephant
  • Cute elephant ink on the finger

The elephant tattoo design for commitment

Lovers and married couples take an interest in inking magnanimous elephant tattoos to express feeling towards their partners. An elephant never takes a step backwards until the decided task finishes successfully. Get the ink of the gigantic species within your body to successfully finish every task in your daily life.

An elephant tattoo design to enhance the love

Teenage lovers are taking an interest in printing elephant ink on the body to express their powerful love. Since the four-legged creature is loyal to mates, this form of tattooing is quite popular. Love is the greatest feeling. Show your love to your lady love by drawing the gigantic creature so colorfully and purely. Get in touch with the famous artist to design your skin artistically & perfectly.

Mom & Baby Elephant Tattoo for maternal bonding

It’s good to see a view of an elephant and her baby walking in a forest. Then how about the sensational view prints on your skin. Maternal bonding is very important for every child despite the species in the world. It symbolically says that you have more affection towards mother to others. Elephants with families are trending depictions in animal-tattooing-themes.

Fearful Elephant Skull Tattoo design

The skull design is fearful when comparing to other forms of drawing. Colorful skull tattoos are available in the stores to your needs. Choose the black & white skull tattoo art with gigantic animal design. Ask your expert for many tattoo ideas to glow your skin bright fully.

Tattoo professional in Australian Island

Kegan Hawkins is one of the reputed tattoo artists in Australia. His realistic depiction of tattoo design has bought huge fan following all around the world. Celebrities across the continents are making appointments with him despite distance and time. Kindly, follow Kegan Hawkins on social media channels to have a look on his body sculptures. His studio updates with latest instruments for offering custom-engage tattoo services. Service offered by this celebrity professional is costly but work will be extraordinary. Make an appointment with him as soon as possible

Do you know Ink ur bod Tattoo Company in Australia?

The review for the company is really fantastic. Make a visit to the parlor to pick your designs to enhance your skin designing. Terence Tait is the owner of this famous studio. He is basically good in offering traditional tattooing. The studio atmosphere is equipped with tattoo gallery and related imaging concepts. Get onto to Instagram channel on internet to see his sculpting works with distinction. Follow him to catch his trending designs at your finger. Satisfy yourself in getting reputed tattoo services to your needs.

This angelic personality has an elephant tattoo

Lucy Hale is that actress who has small shaped elephant tattoo in her hand. She experienced elephant adventure during her trip to Thailand with family. Her cordial bonding with elephants made her to choose elephant-sized tattoo on her hand. She has chosen black-colored baby elephant for skin modification.

Breast tattoo of this musician

Molly Brazy is a famous musical artist in American musical industry. She has applied elephant design in tribal back ground in the center of her breast. She likes the gigantic creature since early days. In an interview, she said the tattoo placement since the picture gives power to her heart. Her choice of tattooing has gained many likes & shares on social media channels. She picks only the elephant head for the skin modification. It is good to see the ornamental elephant decorates her body skin so perfectly.

Incredible Elephant tattoo images


Elephant design is very popular among the animal themed tattoos. Pick the best design by today to design your skin. Elevate your appearance by now. So many trendy elephant ideas are available in the advanced world. Get in touch with the tattoo professionals by now to custom your elephant art.

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