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Famous Tattoo Shops in the United States

Here are some of the most famous tattoo shops in the United States:

Baltimore Ink – Located in Baltimore, Maryland, Baltimore Ink is one of the oldest and most renowned tattoo shops in the United States. Opened in 1973, Baltimore Ink helped pioneer the American tattoo renaissance and has been featured in many publications as one of the top tattoo shops in the country. They are known for high-quality traditional tattoos and american realism designs. Many tattooers at Baltimore Ink are considered masters in the art of tattooing.

Great Lakes Tattoo – Opened in 2002 in Chicago, Illinois, Great Lakes Tattoo is widely considered one of the best tattoo shops in the Midwest. They have a large team of talented artists specializing in styles from bold Japanese tattoos to colorful Americana pieces. Great Lakes Tattoo has received numerous awards and has been featured in many tattoo magazines and websites for their prestigious custom work. They consistently push the envelope of tattooing craftsmanship and artistic expression.

Daredevil Tattoo – Based in Los Angeles, California, Daredevil Tattoo is one of the most respected tattoo studios on the West Coast. Opened in 1989, Daredevil Tattoo has been at the forefront of contemporary tattoo art in America. They are known for high-caliber tattoos in avant garde styles including neotraditional, superslack, biomech, and saturated colorwork. Many influential artists throughout the U.S. trained at Daredevil before opening their own shops. Daredevil Tattoo is considered an iconic landmark for creative and unique tattooing.

Coin-Op – Opened in 1999 in Denver, Colorado, Coin-Op is frequently ranked as one of the best tattoo parlors in the Rocky Mountain region. They have a hand-picked team of expert artists specializing in styles ranging from high-end portraiture and sculptural realism to colorful florals and geometric designs. Coin-Op hold multiple Guinness world records for the longest session of continuous tattoo placement. They are leaders in the Denver tattoo scene and globally known for their diverse talents, mastery of technique, and fast-paced creative environment.

Instructional Ink in Arizona is known for apprenticeship program and training many influential tattoo artists. They specialize in hyperrealism, pinup, flash, and custom designs.

Symbol Tattoo in Hawaii is considered the premier shop for traditional Polynesian tattoos and Hawaiian tribal work. They have been featured in many publications for their culturally significant tattoos.

Salvation Tattoo in Virginia is highly regarded for high-end realism, portrait work, custom designs, and classic Americana tattoos. They have a prestigious apprenticeship program and some of the top tattooers in the mid-Atlantic region.

Traditional Tattoo in New York City is an iconic shop that has been open since 1991. They are known for new school styles, custom designs, eclectic gallery walls, and ambitious collaborative work. Many consider them at the forefront of the contemporary tattoo movement.

Top To Toe Tattoo in Texas is a large, acclaimed shop specializing in all forms of custom tattooing from intricate sleeves to dagger-point portraits. They have a dedicated gallery space featuring massive murals and collaborative wall art.

Greyhawk Tattoo Klub in California is known for its DIY punk aesthetic, avant garde styles, dark and disturbing work. They frequently feature guest artists pushing the boundaries of counterculture tattooing. Greyhawk is considered one of the most unique and subversive shops in the U.S.

Blood & Fire Tattoo in Texas is reportedly one of the best red and black work in America. They employ talented artists that excel at blackwork, neo-traditional, Hollywood inspired, and skull and crossbones designs. They have been featured in publications for their mastery of shading, stippling, and bold linework.

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