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Henna is a brown- coloured dye made from a shrub. It is used to fill colour on the body. Bridal mehndi designs are as popular as it is considered as good luck for the marriage.

Henna mehndi designs for you

Currently, the designs mehndi comes with a variety of patterns as per the needs of every bride. This is the best blog on the internet for info about henna and related mehndi designs. Let see

Colourful Flower mehndi designs

Mehndi tattoo designs are so perfect to glow the skin. In Hindu and Christianity regions, the Henna design is applied on hand as it considers luck. Since, early century, marriage brides are decorated with bridal mehndi designs and armband tattoo designs. Do you want to wear a tattoo with a unique designing option? Colourful yet temporary mehndi design is a good choice.

Arabic henna designs | Authentic quality

Gorgeous inspired flower tattoo design is loved by these centurions. Mr Sidharth Malhotra, brand ambassador of New Zealand tourism in India had a wonderful image of henna tattoo. This 30-year-Bollywood-star received tattoo service when he visited the famous National Tattoo Museum in the country. The actor was really happy to receive artwork.

Duration of tattoo art on your skin

The decorative art will last long on your skin 3-4 weeks. Though it is temporary, women all around the globe used for skin decoration purposes. Women in Afro-American regions had henna mehndi tattoos without any hesitation. One has to know that frequent water-washing of hand leads to fading.

Black & white henna is safest for my body?

Henna tattoo is 100% safest since it is natural. Females all around the world had henna tattooing for thousands of years. Research says that It has some medicinal properties. You will be surprised to know 2 real-life incidents related to a henna tattoo. Are you prepared?

A Nebraska-based artist’s tattoo service

Hollie Urbauer, the henna-based tattoo artist was approached by Ava Gagner for henna services. She has her entire lost hair in the head because of the cancer-treatment Chemotherapy. Hollie started doing skin-friendly tattoo services for free. Post tattoo services, both Hollie and Ava were happy.

Mehndi tattoo designs for sick children

Kentucky is a beautiful town in the Southern United States. Tattoo artist Brad Mallory thought of compassioning sick children who are recently admitted to a famous child hospital. He came up with original as well as satisfy-able idea. He planned to ink the henna tattoos on children hand and foot to initiate positive feeling among kids. His work has won appreciation from hospital staff.

The grandeur tattoo arts convention

Want to know exuberant designs in henna designing? Are you living in the US? Don’t worry. Kansas City Tattoo Arts Convention is going to be held from July 31st-Aur 2nd in Kansas City, Missouri 64108. This is the sixth Annual Expo for Tattoo patterns and Artists. So many Guests and tattoo professionals are going to take part in the designing event. Do not miss the chance! It is going to be a happy function.

Best Artist for dramatic Ink in the US

Brian Woo is considered as the best tattoo artist in the US. His specialization includes flower tattoo designs, Realism tattoo designs, Christianity tattoo designs and henna bridal tattoo designs. He says that tattooing is his childhood passion. Once he said in an interview that he gave tattoo service to his mother with flower tattoo images. His mother was happy to receive service from her son.

Amanda Wachob, Expert in inking

Ask an Expert Amanda Wachob if want to wear botanical tattoo designs in the body so colourfully. Realism is her speciality when tattooing. She has her studio in the US. Her studio is equipped with the latest technology. Painless service is her motive. This is the reason why many are approaching for elated tattoo service. Make a tattoo appointment as soon as possible to fill your body with attractive colours.

Finding henna tattoo studio near me

Don’t worry about finding people-friendly henna tattoo studio? Do you live in the Philippines? Workaholinkz Tattoo Studio, located at Quezon City is must be your destination for your needs to wore colourful henna designs. This studio is popular in providing customarily services at budge table price. Normally, beautiful tattoo ranges from p1, 500 to p3, 000. Quezon City in the Philippines is famous for art and theatre works. Have you started a journey towards Quezon City? Have fun!

Jackson’s Vodou symbol

Paris Jackson, daughter of Michael Jackson, decorated her upper arm with Voduo symbol. Jackson’s tattoo represents Erzulie, goddess of love.  This goddess is the perfect personification of love, respect and aesthetic. Paris feels that the image of the goddess brings an abundance of luck in her life. The tattoo professional used the latest equipment to draw the Erzulie pattern. Not only Paris but also many personalities around the globe had henna tattoo designs.

Types of Arabic mehndi designs

Professionals in modern society are engaged in using many varieties to service their customers. Types of available designs are

Simple henna designs,

Bridal hand designs,

Wrist designs,

Hand tattoo designs and

Shoulder tattoo patterns

Every concept of henna tattoo comes with wonderful collections. It’s good to say that this kind of tattoo does not harm the skin. For bridal mehndi collections, contact the professionals. Tattoo designers are updated to modern designing patterns as per the trend. “Easy henna tattoo” is the only choice for you if you are getting married in a few days.

Henna tattoo designs and meanings

Usually, henna tattoos have a traditional meaning. The deeper meaning of all designs is the spirituality and love. This is the only reason for henna to be painted for brides. It’s a belief that the girl who had a tattoo in hand is flourished with love and respect in her lifetime.

Some instructions for henna tattoo care are

Avoid water, chemicals and detergents.

Avoid keep on touching.

Currently, tattoo service providers are charging $100 to $900 especially for henna designing for women. The cost is allocated based upon the size.

Have fun in placing tattoo in the body!

List of very attractive Henna Tattoo Designs

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